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Brain injuries are some of the most devastating injuries that people suffer, and they often have a lasting impact on quality of life. Because of the severity and complexity of these injuries, you’re going to want an experienced brain injury lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia on your team if you suffer one of these injuries during an accident.

What Types of Brain Injuries Do Brain Injury Lawyers Take On?

Brain injury lawyers represent clients with all kinds of brain injuries irrespective of where the injuries occurred. Lawyers regularly take on cases involving concussions, mild traumatic brain injuries and severe traumatic brain injuries, and they’ll represent clients who sustain injuries during car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, sports matches and other incidents.

Don’t mistakenly assume that your potential or diagnosed brain injury isn’t worth contacting a lawyer over. Injuries must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and it requires detailed knowledge of these injuries and the applicable laws to make an accurate assessment regarding any particular case. You’re better off asking a lawyer to review your case and make an informed recommendation rather than assume your injuries don’t necessitate legal action.

What Are the Marks of a Top Brain Injury Lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia?

The best brain injury lawyers in Victoria, British Columbia don’t specialize in a single type of accident. Instead, they focus on a particular injury that can occur in many different accidents — brain injuries. Their area of expertise will be evident in several areas.

Experience Representing Clients with Brain Injuries

First, experienced brain injury lawyers have previously represented clients with brain injury cases. They won’t have just represented one or two clients who had a concussion during a car accident, but they’ll have represented numerous clients with these injuries over the years that they’ve been practicing law.

Recommendations and Reviews from Past Clients

Second, their past brain injury clients will be pleased with the lawyers work. While some lawyers might have records of cases won in court, these records alone aren’t always reliable because brain injury cases are frequently settled outside of court. Rather than exclusively considering cases taken to court, asking for reviews from past clients is a more reliable measure of a lawyer’s competency.

Knowledge of How to Handle ICBC Communications

Third, all brain injury lawyers in British Columbia should have detailed knowledge of how communications with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia are handled. These cases are complex and frequently involve a lot of back-and-forth. A lawyer who isn’t aware of the ICBC’s preferred communication methods won’t be able to move a claim along effectively obtain the full compensation that you deserve.

Familiarity with Brain Injuries, Their Symptoms and Their Treatments

Finally and most importantly, brain injury lawyers in Victoria, British Columbia are also well acquainted with brain injuries themselves. The lawyers are familiar with the symptoms of various brain injuries, and they understand that symptoms don’t always set in immediately. They also know what treatments are commonly used to treat these injuries.

While medical professionals are always the ones to make official diagnoses and recommend courses of treatment, brain injury lawyers need to possess enough knowledge that they can advocate on your behalf if you’ve sustained one of these injuries.

For instance, they’re aware that brain injuries lead to higher incarceration rates — and know how to use that fact for your benefit.

When is the Right Time to Contact a Brain Injury Lawyer in Victoria, British Columbia?

If you sustain a brain injury or notice symptoms that may be caused by one, seeking necessary medical care should be your first priority. Early diagnosis and intervention sometimes decreases the effects of a brain injury and frequently speeds up the recovery process, and both of these items should be taken care of before sorting out any legal action. Claims and lawsuits can wait for a little while until you’ve been initially treated.

Barring the need for any immediate treatment, however, you should generally seek the counsel of a brain injury lawyer sooner rather than later. Lawyers can help you as soon as they agree to take on your case, but that can’t happen until you have a consultation with one. After they’re representing you, they can help push for the medical care you need in addition to any compensation you’re due.

Making sure you contact a lawyer promptly will also help make sure all the evidence needed to bolster your case is available. Should you delay too long, some of the arguments for your claim may become harder to make.

How Much Do Brain Injury Lawyers Cost to Hire?

If you’ve sustained a brain injury in an accident that someone else is responsible for, hiring a brain injury lawyer will effectively cost you nothing. As specialized personal injury lawyers, they work on a contingency fee basis.

A contingency fee means that they receive a percentage of your settlement if your case is won or settled, and nothing if it’s not. You only have to pay them from your settlement, and you’ll owe nothing if the case isn’t successful. Of course, their percentage is included when deciding how much compensation to request from the responsible party.

How Long Do Brain Injury Cases Take?

Due to the complex nature of brain injuries and their sometimes prolonged effects, these are intricate cases that can take a while to finalize. It’s best to approach these cases with a goal of pursuing your full just compensation rather than the fastest possible settlement (which would likely result in you receiving a substantially lower sum).