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Personal Injury Lawyer Victoria | Car Accident Lawyer Victoria

Have you or someone you know recently been injured in a devastating personal injury accident? If so, you could be entitled to recover compensation for the pain, suffering, medical bills and other costs of recovering. But in this battle to get justice, you need a competent Victoria personal injury lawyer with an excellent track record. Look no further. Diamond & Diamond is here to fight for you.

Your Compensation, Our Responsibility

Personal injury lawyers working at Diamond & Diamond understand that every case is different in its way. That’s why we give attention to every micro-detail and every aspect of your case to make informed decisions about moving forward with a legal claim.

We’ve worked with thousands of personal injury accident victims, and we know the torrid time they go through. Whether it was a slip and fall accident, a workplace accident, or a vehicle accident; you might be requiring treatment, medication and surgeries in some cases. This could prompt a severe financial burden on you and your family. We don’t want to add another reason to that. Hence, we offer a no cost, no obligation consultation that allows you to consult an experienced Victoria personal injury lawyer working at our firm to understand the critical elements of your case and what you must do to protect yourself.

Your Victoria Law Firm

Not every law firm, with representation in Victoria, can claim to have six Reader’s Choice awards, three Consumer Choice awards, a Notable award, and a Top Choice award. Well, we can.

Our injury attorneys with representation in Victoria give personalized attention to every case. This way, their focus doesn’t shift, and they always have their eyes on every single development of your case. With us, your case is always in the spotlight, and this has been one of the key reasons behind our success.

As experienced lawyers in personal injury accident cases, lawyers working at Diamond & Diamond have been dealing with insurance agencies for years. We know them very well. Such familiarity helps our clients get the compensation they deserve, and we do everything we possibly can for it.

Each case we undertake is crucial to us, and we work hard to keep you well-informed over the duration of the case so that you stay in the loop and can make a better decision when the time comes.

Time is of the Essence Here

The period just after the accident is very crucial, not only from the recovery point of view but also from the legal perspective. The sooner you see a lawyer, the better it is for you as various elements of the accident are raw in your mind, without any layers. As lawyers, that is what we want so that we can use those details to make our case stronger. So the crux of the matter is that the sooner you see a personal injury lawyer in Victoria, the more chance you have of recovering compensation.

Leave Your Victoria Personal Injury to Us

You don’t deserve to suffer as the result of someone else’s negligence. But when it happens, you don’t need to be the only one fighting battles on all fronts. Once you give us your case, you need not worry about it anymore. We take all the responsibilities coming with your case, and we will keep informing you about everything and take your consent wherever necessary. In short, we’ll fight the case as if it were of our own.

To talk to our personal injury lawyers in Victoria, you need to consult one of our lawyers. The best thing about these consultations is that they’re FREE! We work on a contingency fee basis; it means that we won’t charge you unless we recover the compensation for you.

Injured in Victoria? Contact the team at Diamond and Diamond Lawyers at 1-800-567-HURT (4878) or use our CASE EVALUATION TOOL to schedule a free consultation.

You cannot afford to look elsewhere because there is too much on the line for your future. Do not hesitate to get help from our personal injury lawyers, with representation in Victoria, today.


* Awards were received and recognized in Ontario. Our BC lawyers enjoy the support of experienced lawyers in Ontario to add to the pool of experience we can offer our clients. While Diamond and Diamond does not have an office in Victoria, our team offers representation in Victoria.