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Catastrophic Accidents Lawyer in BC Assisting People with Substantial Damages

When in an accident, a person’s injuries are evaluated based on their severity. A person may have minor bruises or scrapes, medium injuries where they have a fracture, or major damages that require immediate surgery. Another category of injuries caused by an accident is called catastrophic. A catastrophic injury involves damages that are so severe where a person becomes permanently disabled, may need long-term care, or the person cannot work any longer as they cannot provide for their family.

Catastrophic Injury Circumstances

Catastrophic injuries can happen during a range of circumstances. They may occur during a construction site fall where an employee’s harness system fails, if the scaffolding was not secure, if there is a sudden failure to the building that caused the worker to fall, or if the worker was knocked off of their feet due to unforeseen circumstances. A catastrophic injury may also occur in serious vehicle accidents, as well as during medical malpractice situations where a person experiences a botched surgery or when they received poor medical care in a hospital or clinic that led to life-threatening injuries.

Catastrophic injuries may vary based on the accident. A person may experience brain or spinal injuries. They could also have experienced an amputation, paralysis, severe burns, eye injury or loss, or organ damage. Catastrophic injuries may also be neurological disorders.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Services

When catastrophic injuries occur, the victim and the family can experience financial hardships that last a lifetime. Hiring a catastrophic accidents lawyer in BC allows the family to gain in-depth legal knowledge regarding their rights and information about what their next course of action is. It also allows them to seek out the highest amount of compensation to cover current and future medical expenses.

In cases such as this, the liable party may avoid trial when seeing that the accident was entirely their fault. In these cases, a catastrophic injury lawyer can help the family figure out an amount to ask for to cover lost wages and current medical expenses. The lawyer will also help the family figure out additional compensation that they can request, such as payment for ongoing treatments, future medical issues related to the injury, as well as noneconomic damages.

Noneconomic damages usually involve the pain and suffering that the victim must endure. For catastrophic accidents, noneconomic damages may also include disfigurement caused by the accident, mental anguish, and loss of consortium that can be filed by the spouse or family member. The lawyer may also help a person seek damages for loss of enjoyment of life, where the victim can no longer be a part of personal relationships or daily activities that they were involved in before the accident.

Catastrophic Claims Going to Trial

Some catastrophic claims will go to trial as the liable party will seek to lower the amount of compensation that is requested from the victim and their family. In these instances, the liable party may try to show that the accident was partially or wholly the victim’s fault. Having a catastrophic injury lawyer can help prove that the liable party was entirely at fault for the accident.

The lawyer will gather witness testimony, medical reports, medical examiner testimony, and investigate the details of the accident. Then they will present all the facts to the jury to help prove their client’s case. The lawyer will also show why the victim deserves the amount requested due to the injuries that are impacting the quality of the victim’s life.

Diamond & Diamond: Catastrophic Accidents Lawyer in BC

The moment that a catastrophic injury occurs, contact the law professionals at Diamond & Diamond BC. We assist clients who are going through the pain, suffering and mental anguish when dealing with catastrophic injuries as we offer sound legal advice about the case. Speak with us today for a consultation.