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Class Action Litigation

What is a Class Action?

A class action is where one person represents an entire class of people that have been affected in a lawsuit.  By pursuing one claim instead of multiple claims, class actions can be more cost effective for the group.  This promotes access to justice for all Canadians who have been a victim.  The issue with a class action is that the issues have to be quite common.   If the issues are too diverse, the matter often becomes a Mass Tort.  If you or a loved one may be part of a class action lawsuit call us today at 1-800-567-HURT.

Class actions are settled on mass which means the settlement binds all of the members of the class.  Members of the class have the option to opt out of the class and pursue their own legal action.  However, if you do not opt out, you are deemed to be part of the class.

What is a Mass Tort?

A mass tort does not have one representative plaintiff, rather multiple lawsuits that are settled on an individual basis.  A mass tort allows the individual to have complete control over their own case and can decide their own settlement.  The common denominator is that the defendant is usually the same in all mass torts.  If you or a loved one may be part of a mass tort lawsuit call us today at 1-800-567-HURT.

Current Class Action Lawsuits

Here is a list of the current class actions and mass torts being handled by diamond and diamond:

National Health Services Ltd. and Sunniva Inc. Class Action LawsuitChat Now
Nursing Home NegligenceChat Now
Breast Implant Mass TortChat Now
Lasik Malpractice LawsuitChat Now
Roundup LawsuitChat Now
TDF Drug and Truvada LawsuitChat Now
Surgical Staplers and Staples LawsuitChat Now
Capital One Data BreachChat Now


When you win a class-action lawsuit, you will receive a notification of the settlement. You may automatically receive the portion of your settlement proceeds, or you need to submit a claims form.

If you lose a class action, both the person who filed the suit and the class members will not be entitled to any settlement money. You may also be prevented from filing another lawsuit involving the same allegations.

For a class action to happen, there’s no need for an exact number of individuals. As a general rule, 20 individuals are not enough for a class action, and more than 50 individuals are almost always enough.

Yes, your complaint may affect enough people in a similar manner to make a class action worthwhile. In many cases, it’s difficult to know this until people contact lawyers to discuss their legal options. They cannot, however, predict how many people are interested in joining a lawsuit.

No, you can’t get fired for participating in a class-action lawsuit against your employer. The law protects you against retaliation by your employer if you participate in a class action against your employer.

Yes, class action lawsuits are worth it because it gives you better odds of a settlement. It’s always best to combine the same issues with other plaintiffs to form a class action as it gives you a better chance of recovering compensation when they may not have been able to do as individuals.

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