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Personal Injury Lawyer Surrey | Car Accident Lawyer Surrey

If you have recently been hurt in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, you need to take swift action in order to gather evidence and support yourself. One of the most important components of this practice is to hire dedicated Surrey personal injury lawyers.

Unfortunately, far too many preventable accidents occur in Surrey and surrounding areas, which means that it is likely that you could, at some point, be in need of experienced Surrey personal injury lawyers to help represent you.

Dedicated Surrey Personal Injury Lawyers

At Diamond & Diamond, we understand just how much your life has been shaken up by the outcome of a devastating accident. When you have sustained injuries because another person wasn’t paying attention or was acting carelessly, it is imperative that you retain experienced Surrey personal injury lawyers to represent you and your claim going forward. This decision may be one of the most important ones you make in the process of protecting your interests and fighting back in a legal claim.

Since an accident can make it difficult for you to return to work, can generate significant medical bills on your behalf and can make it painful and challenging to get through even a single day, you need to have a Surrey personal injury lawyer evaluate your grounds for filing a case and inform you about what to do next.

While no victim should have to suffer because of another person’s negligence, this situation happens all too often. In any situation where another driver, property owner or person was negligent or reckless, you deserve to have a consultation with a dedicated Surrey personal injury lawyer who will fight back on your behalf.

Experience and Compassion Following an Accident

It can be hard to see the many ways that this accident will shape your life in the long term, but our Surrey personal injury lawyers have extensive experience helping people in similar situations to recover maximum compensation whenever possible. This could in fact be the only way for you to pay your medical bills and get the rehabilitation supports that you need to put this unfortunate incident behind you.

Since you and your entire family can be severely impacted by a personal injury accident that could have been prevented, you need to empower and equip yourself with the services of a committed and experienced Surrey personal injury lawyer.

A Legal Team that Knows How to Negotiate

At Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers, we work hard to understand the specifics of your individual case and to craft a way forward that supports your best interests. We recognize that sometimes these personal injury cases can be resolved outside of court and work hard to use forms of alternative dispute resolution to put this matter behind you and get you the support that you need in terms of a payment sooner rather than later.

If we are unable to come to a conclusion with your case during these out of court negotiations, our Surrey personal injury lawyers understand what it takes to go into the courtroom and to litigate on your behalf. We know that the outcome of your case shapes not only your life, but the life of your family and we work hard to ensure that you do not feel overwhelmed at any phase of your case.

You will know what is happening and the choices ahead of you at all times during your personal injury claim and you could recover many different types of compensation for your injuries depending on the specifics of your accident.

Our Surrey personal injury lawyers will evaluate your claim from the initial consultation and help prepare you for what to expect. You need someone you can trust during this challenging time in your life. It may not be possible to understand the many different ways that this accident could influence your future, but our Surrey personal injury lawyers fully understand how to help you avoid many of the most common pitfalls in pursuing a personal injury claim and how to evaluate the necessary evidence so that you feel prepared and confident in court.

Fighting Hard on Behalf of Recovery for Victims

Our Diamond & Diamond personal injury lawyers have handled numerous different types of claims for people in Surrey and surrounding areas. These include claims of negligence related to bicycle accidents, brain injuries, car accidents, rear end crashes, hit and runs, dog bites, motorcycle crashes, insurance claims, uninsured motorists and wrongful death cases.

We understand that your case may be complicated, and we give you our utmost commitment for personalized representation from beginning to end. We know that it can seem like your world has been turned upside down following an accident, but we take care to give you realistic expectations of what you can anticipate and how to move forward. Immediately after the accident has occurred, it is your responsibility to gather as much evidence as you can that can help to illustrate who is responsible for the accident.

Following this evidence collection phase, you need to sit down with an experienced Surrey personal injury lawyer who will advise you about how to proceed. Having the right attorney in your corner will give you peace of mind and understanding about the things you should and shouldn’t do immediately following the accident. Our Surrey personal injury lawyers know that far too many innocent people find themselves coping with the aftermath of a preventable accident.

Holding other parties accountable so that you can get the compensation you need to pay your bills is the first goal of our legal team and we take our responsibility seriously since we know how much you depend on us. Contact our dedicated Surrey personal injury lawyers today.


* Awards were received and recognized in Ontario. Our BC lawyers enjoy the support of experienced lawyers in Ontario to add to the pool of experience we can offer our clients. While Diamond and Diamond does not have an office in Victoria, our team offers representation in White Rock.