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ICBC Claims

One of the most common questions asked of Vancouver personal injury attorneys from clients is about the value of their personal injury claim. There are numerous factors evaluated in the process of determining the value of your ICBC claim and the truth is that it depends on the accident itself and the injuries you have sustained as well as how those injuries have influenced your life.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your right to obtain a fair settlement after an accident is to consult with an ICBC injury claim lawyer in Vancouver.

Bear in mind that adjusters working with ICBC are well aware of how to protect the insurance company’s bottom line and their goal is to pay you a minimum of what your claim may actually be worth.

Know Your Rights Post-Accident

Many people involved in an accident may not understand the full value of their claim. Taking a settlement early on could harm them in the event that their medical or other costs are much higher than expected. This is just one of the reasons why it makes sense to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Involving a lawyer early on in the process increases your chances of getting a fair ICBC settlement that is in line directly with the injuries you’ve sustained.

The longer that you wait to move forward with a claim or to hire a lawyer, the more power you give ICBC to collect evidence in investigation against you. Those individuals who choose to sign authorizations to enable ICBC to talk to their employers and physicians could lead to problems in your case. Remember that the adjuster’s goal is to minimize any payments on your claim which is why it is not in your best interests to allow the adjuster to share their opinions and thoughts with any medical professionals treating you or your employer. In the event that the ICBC adjuster statements are able to influence the opinion of your employer or doctor, this could lead to a lower claim settlement.

Some people will wait until they have improved as much as possible before settling an ICBC injury claim. This is primarily because they may not realize the full range of how their injury is going to influence them in their life. It should always be up to the client as to when they choose to settle their case. Some people, however, will never fully recover from the injuries they sustained in a serious accident. Permanent injuries can make it difficult or impossible for these individuals to work to their full capacity.

Other individuals may not even be able to perform recreational activities and may require ongoing care from an outside professional. In the event that you have suffered permanent injuries after an accident, it is important to work directly with a Vancouver personal injury firm that has extensive experience ensuring that your ICBC settlement claim covers your future losses and expenses.

In the event that you are no longer able to work in the same way, it is important that you have fought for a settlement that can help to compensate you for the loss of future income. If you believe that your injuries are permanent or once your injuries have been resolved, this may be an appropriate time to talk to ICBC about settlement. However, you should never engage in this process without first consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Vancouver. This can be a crucial component of ensuring that you receive a fair settlement that allows you to move on with your life as much as possible.

Internal committees at ICBC are responsible for making decisions about how much will be paid out for a claim settlement. It is important that good evidence and arguments have been presented supporting your injury claim beforehand. Consulting with an attorney can help you with this.