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Personal Injury Lawyer Burnaby to Protect Your Rights

Injured woman feeling bad after having a car crash

When traveling to work, appointments or just running an errand to the post office, you aren’t expecting to get into a car accident. Yet another driver could be in a rush as they run a red light, or they may become distracted and not stop in time as they ram into your car. When car accidents occur, an ICBC lawyer Burnaby can help you with your claim.

Making ICBC Accident Claims

After a car accident, you are dealing with a lot of things. Besides injuries, medical treatments and car repairs, you also need to file a claim with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). However, just because you filed a claim doesn’t mean that you will be compensated for medical treatment and benefits, or obtain funds to make car repairs. Even when you are compensated, you may not receive the fair amount.

Burnaby law firms such as Diamond & Diamond BC will assist residents who have been in car accidents. We evaluate the car accident Burnaby to figure out the amount for car repairs, medical treatments and other expenses that you have incurred. Then we help you determine the right compensation amount that you should receive from the ICBC. We also ensure that your claim is filed on time so that it will not be denied.

Problems You’ll Face When Filing a Claim

Some of the biggest problems you may run into is a claim denial due to filing a claim that was outside the limitation period. The time you have to file a claim can vary based on the accident’s circumstances. You may have received minor injuries from the accident that don’t need immediate attention. However, later you may find out that you actually have a more serious condition that was caused or worsened by the accident.

If you wait too long, it will be more difficult to prove that the accident created the medical condition. You may no longer have the evidence available, or eyewitnesses to the accident may be hard to find later, to show who was liable for your injuries. Even when it can be proven that the other driver was entirely at fault for Burnaby car accident, you may still have the claim denied because you filed too late.

Lawyers Burnaby can ensure you file the right claim documents with the appropriate information within the claim period. We will ensure that you have a solid claim. Then we will continue to offer our legal services if your claim is denied or if you receive an unfair value amount.

Proving Who Is at Fault with the Burnaby Accident

Another major factor that can impact your claim is proving which driver was at fault. The ICBC could say that you are fully or partially liable for the accident. This problem leads you into a terrible predicament where you won’t have the funds to pay for expenses or have the money to replace lost wages.

A personal injury lawyer Burnaby can begin investigating the circumstances of the accident the moment you contact them. So it is very important to get in touch with Diamond & Diamond BC immediately. We’ll have investigators determine who was at fault, gather eyewitness testimony, and review case law to strengthen your claim.

Get a Fair Claim Value

The ICBC will try to provide the lowest claim award to accident victims. This award may not pay for past, present or future wage losses. The funds also may not be enough to pay for future out-of-pocket medical treatments.

It can be hard to determine what is a fair value for your car accident claim. In addition to gathering the receipts for your current out-of-pocket expenses, you have to figure out how much your pain-and-suffering is worth, potential lost wages if you lose your job because you cannot return to work, and future medical costs if your condition worsens. You may settle for less when you actually deserve more of a claim award.

An ICBC lawyer Burnaby who is experienced in car accident claims will help you get the fair value amount to cover all your present and future expenses. We learn about your finances as well as your car accident injuries and damages. Then we have a trained medical professional determine the full extent of your injuries and how these conditions may worsen in time. Then we calculate a fair claim value to cover all of your expenses and will negotiate with the ICBC on your behalf.

Diamond & Diamond BC: Personal Injury Lawyers Burnaby

The moment you are involved in a car accident Burnaby, contact a personal injury lawyer Burnaby. At Diamond & Diamond BC, we help you successfully file a claim on time so you can get a fair claim award for your injuries and lost wages. Reach out to our ICBC lawyer today to schedule a consultation and to discuss your case. We can provide you with the legal advice and representation that you deserve.



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