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Birth Injury Lawyers in British Columbia

Birth injuries can have lifelong consequences not only for your child, but also for your whole family as well. Talk to a birth injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond now to know your rights.

Let our experienced birth injury lawyers in British Columbia help you in filing for the compensation your child needs to get medical care in the future. Call 1-800-567-HURT now for a free consultation.



Diamond & Diamond Lawyers Can Help You File Your Birth Injury Claim in British Columbia

What You Need When Filing A Birth Injury Claim

You will need to prepare evidence to support your birth injury claim. This will include medical records, photographic evidence, and even testimonies from witnesses. You will also need to keep a record of the expenses incurred.



When to File Your Birth Injury Claim

Under British Columbia law, you will need to file your birth injury claim within two years either from the date of the birth injury or from the date that you became aware of the birth injury.



Damages in Birth Injury Claims

When it comes to birth injury cases, the damages should not only take into account the medical expenses, but also pain and suffering, lost wages, counseling expenses, and physical therapy expenses.



See What Our Clients Say

I had a 5 year case and I was fortunate enough to have lawyer Richard Chang on my side. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in regards to my case and was always ready to talk with me whether it was answering questions or informing me when he discovered new information. When it came to mediation he calmly went over the entire scenario and possible outcomes. I felt as though he did care about my story and how it affected my life so with that knowledge and truly understanding my situation, he was able to really fight for me.”


“If you are looking for a personable, professional and a caring team in your corner, I highly recommend Richard and Lisa from Diamond & Diamond. Not only is their attention to detail and level of knowledge outstanding but they are always available which was very important to me. Their hard work and determination really paid off and we were all very happy with our results. Thanks Richard and Lisa for all your hard work!”


“So happy I chose them. I’m satisfied with the result. Professional service and provide useful information and assistance for all of my concerns. I am sure the lawyer Richard is very experienced and nice, also happy with the manager Vivian being so patient and helpful of providing Chinese services. Highly Recommended.”


Types of Birth Injuries

Some of the most common injuries incurred at birth include, but are not limited to, Brachial Plexus injuries, Erb’s Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Cleft Lip, heart defects, C-section injuries, and Spina Bifida.

  • Cerebral palsy, which refers to trauma to the baby’s brain that causes impaired brain and nervous system function
  • Hypoxia, which refers to the reduction of oxygen in a fetus’s brain, thereby causing physical and developmental disorders
  • Brachial plexus injury, which refers to damage occurring in the baby’s neck or chest area, sometimes caused by a doctor’s scalpel during labor



Causes of Birth Injuries

Even if the baby went through a normal pregnancy, birth injuries can still occur because of mistakes committed or negligence displayed by doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals. Due to the medical negligence, the baby could suffer oxygen deprivation, trauma due to impact during delivery, premature birth, or other damages caused by medication errors or improper use of medical equipment or instruments.



Did You Know that?

Birth injuries are different from birth defects. Birth injuries are brought on by actions or negligence of medical professionals during labor or throughout the pregnancy. Birth defects, on the other hand, refer to structural changes that are detected during the birth of a child.

Talk To A Birth Injury Lawyer in British Columbia

Diamond & Diamond has a team of personal injury lawyers with experience in handling birth injury cases in British Columbia. Dealing with a birth injury is never easy, but our birth injury lawyers will work hard to get you the compensation you need. Call 1-800-567-HURT now for a free consultation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Not only can birth injuries occur due to complications in labor and pregnancy, they can also happen because of medical negligence by a physician or other healthcare professional. This is where a birth injury lawyer comes in — the lawyer will evaluate your case and file a suit on your behalf for medical negligence. 



After winning your birth injury claim, you should be able to get compensation for your medical expenses, as well as damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, psychological treatment or counseling expenses, and physical therapy expenses, among others.



In case the mother dies during childbirth, the father of the child can sue on behalf of the baby. If the mother survives but is otherwise incapacitated, a litigation guardian can be appointed to make decisions on her behalf.



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