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Tips for a Safe Victoria Day in British Columbia

Publish on : May 26, 2017 by Diamond and Diamond Lawyers


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Enjoying the holidays is something you have probably looked forward to all year. Getting the chance to have a day off work and to spend some time with friends and family is certainly exciting but it is even more important to ensure that you take all necessary steps to minimize being involved in any type of accident and sustaining injuries over Victoria Day. The first unofficial long weekend of your summer, also known as Victoria Day, is something that people look forward to as the signal to the start of the season.

The extra day off and the positive weather gets many people thinking about heading outdoors and enjoying the open road boating or the shores of the great lakes. Whatever you intend to do over your Victoria Day, it’s important to do it safely. Extra officers are usually posted all around British Columbia over Victoria Day. The major focus for these officers is to identify aggressive drivers, distracted drivers and those who are drinking and driving. It is also a goal for them to identify people who are not buckling up.

Far too many accidents happen because people are not paying attention or don’t realize the higher risks due to the holiday weekend. Being mindful and taking extra precautions could make the day as enjoyable and accident-free as possible for you and your loved ones, so it’s worth the extra effort.

Fatal Accidents Far Too Common on Victoria Day Weekend

Motor vehicle collisions over Victoria Day are far too common and usually because people do not have safety at the top of their mind. Between 2011 and 2015, 18 individuals died on OPP patrol highways over the May long weekend.

Ensure that if you’re heading out on the open water that you wear life jackets and ensure that the boat has all necessary emergency items before leaving. It is important to be prepared so that you have the ability to communicate at land. Bear in mind that if you book a campsite at the Grand River Conservation Authority, that there is no alcohol allowed. There are a few rules that the GRCA enforces and the no-alcohol ban means that no alcohol is allowed in the park at all. One other way that many people choose to spend their Victoria Day weekend is out at the pool.

Stay Aware of Children’s Injury Risks

Unfortunately, injuries are all too common particularly for children. You need to keep an eye on all children and ensure that you have the ability to contact emergency personnel in the event that an accident happens. Keeping an eye on children and advising them about the dangers of a potential accident at the pool can help to minimize the chances that you will walk away from Victoria Day with any injuries.

As always, ensure that you are paying appropriate attention on the road, that you have essential safety gear on your boat or in the car, and that you have a communication device in order to radio in for help if necessary. Keeping safety as a primary goal over the course of your weekend can decrease the chances that you’ll be involved in a serious accident.

If you are hurt over the holidays, contacting a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia immediately is strongly recommended so that you can file a claim quickly.


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