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Playground Safety

Publish on : July 20, 2017 by Diamond and Diamond Lawyers

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As the weather heats up and more people are moving outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, children flock to playground areas. There are many benefits of taking children to the park, including teaching children how to share, make friends, and follow the rules. Exercise and fresh air are great for children of all ages.

Equipment and open space can result in hours of fun, but it can also cause significant injuries as well. Ensuring that your kids adhere to the rules of the playground and using the following playground safety tips can help your kids stay safe this summer.

Wear the Right Clothing

Be sure that your children are dressed appropriately for the playground. Clothing that has strings or ties can get caught on playground equipment and cause injury or damage to clothing. Even helmet straps can cause problems, so taking off the helmet completely before your child climbs the equipment is often a good idea. You should also be sure that your child is wearing shoes at all times.

Check the Equipment for Safety Concerns

Taking a quick look at playground equipment before your child begins their play time can prevent many injuries before they happen. You should ensure that the playground has soft surfaces under equipment, such as sand, rubber matting, or wood chips, to help prevent injuries from falls and slips. Be sure that the equipment temperature is not too hot that it may cause burns or other injuries. Wooden material can cause splinters, so be sure that the wood is smooth before play time. You can also check other types of equipment for sharp edges, rust, open chains, and loose joints. If you notice any problems, it is a good idea to report the problem to the appropriate personnel.

Check for Hazardous Objects

Sometimes objects like nails, glass, or even hard plastics can become buried in sand and wood chips. Take a look near the equipment and be sure that there are no broken parts, trash, or other debris laying on the ground where your child may be playing. You should also keep in mind that if some equipment or other surfaces get wet, they may be slippery. It is a good idea to wait until playground equipment is dry before using it.

Look for Approval and Age Ranges

Your child should only play on equipment that is age appropriate. Keep an eye out for signs that indicate the age level that is appropriate at the playground. In many situations, younger children may not want to be around older children as the play may be too rough for them to handle. You can also look for a sign that indicates that equipment meets the Canadian Standards Association standards as well. This is a good sign that the equipment is well maintained.

Supervise, Supervise, Supervise

Many playground injuries can be prevented by keeping a watchful eye on your child and those around him or her. Children younger than five years old should be supervised at all times, but even older children should have an adult nearby as well. It is also important to teach your children how to take turns, share, watch out for other kids, and appropriately use the playground equipment.

When Playground Injuries May Result in Legal Action

Most playground injuries can be prevented. However, situations where the playground is poorly maintained or equipment’s broken may result in legal liability. If you or your child has suffered an injury on a playground, you may have legal options. Call our team at Diamond and Diamond for more information. We offer free case evaluations and consultations that can be extremely helpful in determining where you should turn next after an accident.


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